Biography Jerker Kluge´s Deep Jazz

Jerker Kluge is a bass player from Munich, Germany. He learned some instruments in his childhood and teen years, including piano, flute, guitar and bass guitar, but when he started to play the double-bass at age twenty-four, it was love at first sight! One year later he studied jazz bass at the Konservatorium Munich for the next four years.

He is now well known in the international jazz scene for a long time with his distinct projects as “The Hi-Fly Orchestra”, “Hipnosis”, “Bad Jazz Troupe” and „Deep Jazz“.

He has recorded more than 12 albums with his own projects and played concerts all over Europe as well as two tours in Asia.

His newest and dearest project „Deep Jazz“ started as a spontaneous session in a musician-owned studio in Munich in January 2008. Kluge wanted to try some new tunes and also to test his new recording equipment, so he invited some musician friends and taped the whole session.

Without any rehearsal the jazzmen (and of course jazzwomen) managed to create a very powerful vibe throughout all the tunes and also displayed their sensitive approach to the compositions, that they played for the first time!

After listening to the outstanding recording, it became clear that this music needs to be released as an album. „Deep Jazz“ was born!

The first CD „Heaven & Earth“ came out in 2009 on Perfect Toy records.

The compositions, with the exception of Naima by John Coltrane, are all written by the musicians themselves, showing their ability to take the heritage and tradition of the past and create something new out of it.

The album was played in radio stations around the world and celebrated by jazz fans and critics everywhere.

In December 2010 the group “Deep Jazz” played a concert at “Studio 2” of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, this time in a new nonet formation. Leader and bassist Jerker Kluge wrote nine completely new compositions for the group, chose two classics of the genre for a new interpretation and arranged the material for the new exceptional and very special line-up.

Very special indeed are the two voice vocals, the horn section (flute/alto, tenor and bass clarinet) as well as the concert harp. Together with the rhythm section and additional percussion, they form a unique line-up.

Two days later, the musicians entered the Mastermix-Studio in Munich to record the new compositions. The outcome of this studio session is this brand-new CD “The Meeting”!